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Silver Oaks

Nature Retreat


Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

White House

Whitehouse is a 3 bedroom villa with all modern amenities which provides a homely experience with a great view. There are 2 normal rooms on the ground floor and 1 master bedroom on the top floor with a hall and huge balcony.

Stone House

Stone house is an environment friendly structure with single bedroom .The cottage is constructed with natural stones with a spacious bedroom and a bathroom with stone walls. Stone house not only have a classy look, but they also have a timeless design.

Wood House

Wood house is made from the sustainable, renewable timber imported from Canadian pine woods. The cottage consists of a large spacious bedroom and a bathroom mainly focusing honeymoon couples. therefore one can experience more warmth inside the cottage all time.

Mud House

Mud house is a modern house having all basic amenities with the traditional appearance. The cottage consists of 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. There is also a kitchen and dining hall available in this cottage . This house is made with bricks and cement with an appearance of mud plastering.

Hobbit House

Hobbit house is basically a new concept bringing the idea of living underground with all basic modern requirements and an indoor pool. The tree inside the cottage makes the place more beautiful providing a great ambience.

shilpa devuni
shilpa devuni
5. April, 2024.
We stayed for 2 days and was a good experience staying at Silver Oaks. Staff was very responsive and helpful especially Muttu. Would recommend the place in winter and rainy season but not summer as weather is unpredictable.
Johns Kurian
Johns Kurian
4. April, 2024.
The better experience of munnar and nature mingle the silver oaks natural treat resort ♥️
nathan vasudaven
nathan vasudaven
19. March, 2024.
This place was brilliant. The hobbit house cave was incredible, really recommend this to anyone (Hobbit fan or not!). Muthu, one of the employees, was absolutely fantastic and made our stay very special. A very lovely guy. Food was delicious
9. March, 2024.
Wonderful experience
6. March, 2024.
The place is very nice and staff is cooperative( the cook and Mutthu) saw something different there, I like the property.