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Camellia sinensis Munnar is a region in the hills of Kerala, famous for having some of the most elevated tea plantations in the world


Coffea Munnar makes a significant contribution to the coffee output in India


Theobroma cacao In India, cocoa is grown primarily as an intercrop in Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala, as the tree requires about 40-50 per cent shade.


Elettaria cardamomum Kumily, near Munnar, boasts of the largest cardamom market in the world. A perennial and herbaceous plant, cardamom comes in three varieties: Malabar, Mysore and Vazuka. As the name indicates, Malabar is a native variety found in Kerala.


Myristica fragrans The common or fragrant nutmeg, native to the Banda Islands of Indonesia, is also grown in Kerala, only second to Malaysia and the Caribbean.


Piper nigrum Pepper or black gold has earned Kerala transnational fame.


Punica granatum Pomegranate is a table fruit that is grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the globe.


Citrus aurantium Orange trees are largely grown as an inter-crop on the tea estates in Munnar


Prunus dulcis Almond is a very famous and energy provider dry fruit which is mostly cultivated in the Middle East and South Asia.


Malus domestica Apple is one of most commercially grown table and temperate fruit crop in the world after banana, orange and grapes.


Garcinia gummi-gutta Brindleberry is grown in Southeast Asia, coastal Kerala and Karnataka, India, and west and central Africa. It thrives in most moist forests.


Anacardium occidentale Kerala state stood 1st in the extent of area under cashew during 1970s.


Mangifera indica History indicates that Indian mango cultivation is very ancient, of about 4000 years old. Indians have designated this fruit as the ‘National fruit’ of the country. India is the largest producer of mango in the world, contributing more than 50 % of the total world production.


Artocarpus heterophyllus The largest tree-borne fruit widely known for its distinctive taste and aroma, the jackfruit, is declared as the official fruit of Kerala


Fragaria × ananassa With farmers in Munnar and other temperate areas in Idukki district taking to the cultivation of strawberry in a big way, the State Horticultural Mission Kerala has embarked on a project to provide critical support facilities for procurement, marketing and value-addition of this high-value crop.


Psidium guajava Guava thrives well in places receiving medium rainfall not exceeding 100 cm.


Passiflora edulis Kerala is on a honeymoon with passion fruit. Originally from Brazil, passion fruit has found fertile ground in this state


Musa balbisiana Sandy loam of Kerala and red laterite soil in the hilly regions of Kerala are ideal for banana plantation.